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Let us guide you on the some of the best hikes around Granada, Ronda, Malaga or Cordoba

Why should you  trek in southern Spain ? You can hike all year round, from half a day to 3 or 4 days. Throw in one or two pueblos blancos , and you’d be a fool not to

Mountains have always been part of Southern Spain’s life, culture and folklore. Would the flamenco, the ballads or the poetry of Lorca be the same without them ? Even foreign writers have cherished and written about them, from Alexandre Dumas to Breanan or Rilke. Regardless of country or culture, mountains have always been more than just the physical landscape they embody. And Granada, Cordoba, Malaga or Ronda all lay close to a mountain range: Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Cazorla or Sierra de las Nieves. So arranging a walk or trek around or just outside a pueblo blanco is relatively easy and probably the best way to acquaint yourselves with the pace and life of a typical Andalusian village.

Are you looking for something over few days ? We have trekked extensively the Sierra Nevada and slept in refuges in the peaks of Veleta, Mulhacen or Pico de Caballo. Come and walk under forests of oak trees, drink from the crystal water of lagunas ( mountain glaciers melting outside winter) or spot the wild cabra montes. One such itinerary starts in Granada, ascends Mulhacen peak at 3400 meters and ends in the honeycomb white washed villages of Alpujarra over 3 or 4 days.

Between December and March, complement a stay in Granada with the sunniest ski and snowboard slopes in Europe, in Sierra Nevada resort, a mere 1 hour drive from Granada.

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