Private Visits​

Private guided tours and visits to Alhambra, Granada, Mezquita – Catedral, Cordoba and more.

Day Trips

Private day trips from Granada to Cordoba, the white villages of Alpujarra or Sierra Nevada.

White Villages​

From Granada, Cordoba, Ronda or Jerez, you are never far from a white village.


Try out updated our updated portfolio of restaurants, cooking classes, wine and olive oil tastings


Let us book you into Andalucia’s secret and unique boutique hotels, alquerrias, paradores and palacios .


More​ Experiences

Street markets, Flamenco, Trekking, Grit, Festivals…

​Why Mauresque

On the ground Andalusia travel planners with a passion for what makes southern Spain unique

About Us​

A dedicated team of locals and expats with most diverse skills and knowledge: from Alhambra guides to extreme sports instructors.

We try first hand​

And we document all this on our blog. We explore and try out new and established restaurants, cortijos, treks, Moorish ruins and more.


In a nutshell: You’d love to travel around Andalucia rather than be based in one location, but not on a package holidays. Will you need a driver and vehicle for the whole of your Andalucian itinerary ? Not necessarily, but here and there it certainly…

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Ronda old bridge

Romantic Travelers Trail

Romantic Travelers TrailA mere 40 minute drive from Granada: Moorish ruins, beguiling panoramas, cabras montesas and scrambling galore. How does one describe the woods ? In Spanish, several expressions come to mind: ’emboscarse’, ‘echarse a la Sierra’, which approximately translate in English as ‘take to…

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Trevenque: the king of the lower Sierra

It was early December and yet dawn portended a glorious day ahead: not a cloud in sight. The mercury showed a mere 13 Celsius and joy seemed to hover on the air. I had left the village belatedly, having driven to Barranco de San Juan…
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Authentic. Local experiences.

You will never find us on Viator or Getyourguide.
Why ? Because all we do is private and tailor made. Our whole reason for being hinges on the belief that there is a world behind Trip Advisor or, a world where the intrepid, discerning voyageur meets the bon vivant. Besides, don’t we all wish to keep things local and the community reaping most of the benefits ?

Let us craft something unique for you in Andalusia today !

We can help you fit your stay and experience within your allotted budget.

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