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Spanish cuisine and, Andalusian in particular, have come a long way from decades ago, when the simple dishes of the hinterland complemented the healthy, if sober Mediterranean diet… The visitor is spoiled for choice. Even in terms of high cuisine, Spain is proud to host dozens of Michelin- starred restaurants. To its actual reputation, the jamon, aceite and queso that are among the best in the world, have certainly played their role. That is not to say that a very poor paella or rabo de torro can’t find its way onto your table.

What can you expect in your dish ?
No menu lacks pork ( unless you are lunching in a beach chiringuito, 50 meters from the sea). Luckily, diversity is there. The sea food and fish are divine, and never too far. In general, vegetables are locally sourced, in season and flavorful.

How to find choice food ?
One would think that with the ubiquitenousness of social media and review sites, choice food would be easy to find. Well, if only it were so… It turns out there’s no better way to know the best addresses than to try out and test them. Our discerning guests also help us update our addresses and even uncover new gems. In general, while in the countryside, we aim for simple and locally source dishes, to avoid any surprises. Unless a Michelin starred restaurant. In the cities, you are spoiled for choice. We tend to favor those establishments give a modern twist to the taste ( and size…) of classical Spanish dishes.

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