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On the ground Andalusia travel planners with a passion for what makes southern Spain unique: the Moorish heritage, the local produce and craftsmanship, the flamenco and more. Strong of 16 years of offering Morocco private tours, we’ve opened an office in Andalusia in 2021. An idea that’s been long in the making, the end of the pandemic felt like the right moment. But our affair with Spain started years ago, with stints in Barcelona and Seville in the early 2000’s, followed by regular visits.

And what better location than Granada, the jewel in the crown of Muslim Spain, the pinnacle of refinement and culture, a fantasy that lasted 800 years. The Almohad dynasty ruling over Morocco and their empire from Marrakech also held Granada for a while. Almohad minarets turned into church spires still grace the Albayzin district.

And isn’t the Alhambra the ultimate inspiration for most of the monuments adorning Morocco’s sites, from the palaces of Marrakech to the medersas and Kayraouine mosque in Fes ?While in a culture- shock destination like Morocco you may be better off being chauffeured around by a knowledgeable English fluent local, in Spain you may opt for renting your own transport. Or using the rather efficient public transport, whether it is buses or railways.


We take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to travel planning. Isn’t it great to not have to worry about monument schedules or where you are having lunch next ? Crowded sites and late night revelers ?  Say that you are traveling between Ronda and Cordoba and you are at a loss for a good, local restaurant set in a great location close to your location. We’re just a phone call away. While in Granada for a few days, you overdosed on Islamic architecture and you may want to explore the Alpujarras, the Pueblos Blancos  on a day trip. Book us for a guided tour, complete with comfortable SUV and English speaking driver- guide.

We regularly try out and test local restaurants, cortijos, alquerias, boutique hotels and palacios so we can advise you accordingly. That inconspicious flamenco joint where only locals attend ? Wine, olive oil, Iberian ham or cheese tastings ? Private transfers between cities, with a few great stops en route ? We can help you with your travel planning at any stage. It can be choosing the best accommodation locally, evenly spreading your days between Cordoba, Granada and Seville, or fitting in a local wine tasting, flamenco show or great dining. Or, if you decide you should visit Andalusia and Morocco together, we can concoct your own private and unique Spain Morocco itinerary.


These sites, on average, will help you steer away from obvious catastrophes. But are you looking for average ? Where algorithms decide that you are 60 percent likely to be satisfied by your hotel or activity ? And who can tell for sure how many of these reviews are genuine ? If you are reading this, you are most likely someone that expects more from their holidays. You deserve a local travel planner for whom average or algorithms are not enough, so to speak. Your language.


Let’s say that you are comfortably exploring Granada or Cordoba and you had previously booked a day trip, private visit or food tasting with us. What happens if you decide last minute to change the date of your booked activity ? We’ll do our best to accommodate the change on a different date at no extra cost. The last two decades have been momentous in how the internet has transformed traveling. Yet we continue to believe the best travel advice comes from a well-traveled, well intended local, with a taste for finer things in life, a bon vivant. And that’s where we come in.

Let us craft something unique for you in Andalusia today !

We can help you fit your stay and experience within your allotted budget.

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