Our roamings and ruminations around Andalucia

Romantic Travelers Trail

How does one describe the woods ? In Spanish, several expressions come to mind: ’emboscarse’, ‘echarse a la Sierra’, which approximately translate in English as ‘take to the woods’. And this is pretty much what the moriscos did, after being chased out of Granada and Andalusia. Well, some of them converted. Some crossed over into …

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Trevenque: the king of the lower Sierra

It was early December and yet dawn portended a glorious day ahead: not a cloud in sight. The mercury showed a mere 13 Celsius and joy seemed to hover on the air. I had left the village belatedly, having driven to Barranco de San Juan and back to check on the trekkers. The lucky ones were setting out into the wild, trailing the track lining Vereda de la Estrella.

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